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How did you learn Graphic Design?

My first experience was from a class in high school called Computer Graphics. Back then, I didn't have any experience or interest in it until I learned how the program worked. I only took this class to have an elective with friends and to finish credits. I realized my work was better than most, winning a school desktop wallpaper contest out of all my peers from different periods/classes.  All my work is based on artists and designers I enjoyed content from. I try to do my own style and versions from many I love from Instagram followings. Whatever you do, comparing your work to a professional will always make you improve for even the slightest mistakes! I learned mostly from Instagram and Behance content.

How long does an average project take?

As a one person team, it depends on what service I'm providing you with. I tend to work quickly, starting from 1-4 days but if revisions are needed it can take up to a couple weeks. Usually, my illustrations take around 6-8 hours depending on quantity and size.

Why are the services expensive?

My work is not as expensive as you think compared to logos that on average cost around $500 minimum. I spend my years in high school and more to come perfecting my style and design. I use my own money to advertise and use programs for design you ask for. There are instances where I take sleepless nights to complete projects by using my own time. I price my services for young business starters and peers.

Have you ever made a logo for free?

Yes. Sometimes, doing free work for someone isn't always a bad decision. It often is a positive life choice, helping others with my skill expertise. Typically, they are friends or school teachers but there is no right answer to this subject. In fact, I started by reaching out to people for free work instead of the other way around. This way, I could prove to clients that my work is unique. With this tactic, I got a community of people asking for my designs.

What is your design process?

Every designer has their own way of doing things. My process is:
1. Research the field/industry
2. Get to know the client
3. Sketch, present, and iterate on initial ideas
4. Revise
5. Organize the final deliverable

How is your work different from other designers?

My style is simplistic and modern. You are reaching out to a designer by looking at their style and observing their creative process. I tend to think more on the unique and non-abstract side of design. My work comes with a process of colors, creativity, and time.

What program do you use?

I typically use Adobe Illustrator for most of my projects. That's where I learned my style from.